How To Buy A Car In The EU

You may purchase a car abroad if you have found one that you love, but you will notice that you must follow a few steps before you bring your car over to America. This article explains how you may purchase a car overseas, get it to America and ensure it is ready for the road.

#1: Shipping The Car

You must find a freight company that will help you ship the car where it is supposed to go. The car may have a high value, and you will find that you must insure the car, ship with a company that uses freight boats and you will need to pick up the car when it gets to the docks.

#2: Customs Fees

You must pay customs fees through the freight company, and they will Manage much of the paperwork that is involved with your shipment. You will pay all your fees before the car is shipped, and it will be ready to drive home when you pick it up.

#3: Emissions Rules

You must ensure that the car is ready for the road based on current emissions rules where you live. You must have the car set up to pass the test when it gets to where you live, and you may check with your local government to learn the rules for the vehicles. You may be exempt, or you may need a mechanic to help you.

Shipping over your car from the EU is simple when you follow each step on the list.